Command Staff

Mark Wilkinson

First Lieutenant, NRP

John Patterson

Emergency Medical Director, MD

Caleb Starnes

Training Lieutenant, NRP

Noelani Scott

Supplies Lieutenant, AEMT

Adam Lane

Truck Lieutenant, AEMT

Charles Huddleston

Sergeant, EMT-I

Todd Miller

Chaplain, EMT-I

Katie Halsey

Public Relations, EMT-B

Marty Duncan

Board of Governors, NRP

Courtney Atkins

Equipment Committee, EMT-I

Mark Wilkinson

President, NRP

Mike Mason

Vice President, NRP

Brandi Hay

Secretary, NREMT

Michelle Grubb


Billy Nichols

Board Member, NRP

Kyle Hayes

Board Member, NRP

Hailey Rogers

Board Member, NRP

Josh Mattox

Board Member, NRP

Adam Lane

Board Member, AEMT

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